Supply Chain Management

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Organizations can improve their marketing supply chain process by identifying inefficiencies, developing best business practices and adopting eLynxx software.

Connects Team Members

Gain transparency and simplify processes through a dashboard with automated decision making and task alerts. eLynxx software strengthens connections and provides transparency into the tangled web where marketing operations and sourcing meet.

Integrates Seamlessly

Simplify the sourcing requirements of custom goods and services that can disrupt processes and jeopardize time sensitive programs. eLynxx software integrates with accounting, general procurement and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

Manages Vendors Objectively

Get the best quality, price and service from your own vendors. Through objective qualification and flawless specifications, eLynxx software builds healthy competition that eliminates price precedent, ensures diversity and reduces costs.

Improves Performance

Ensure efficiency in direct mail and marketing purchases by replacing spreadsheets and email with software purpose-built for the marketing supply chain. eLynxx software increases performance while generating cost savings.

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