Jaw Dropping ROI

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eLynxx software drives realistic, measurable per-unit savings in the cost of marketing and packaging of up to 40%. Increased efficiency and reduced costs further improve marketing ROI to provide an opportunity for increased profit or reinvestment.

Enables Efficiency

eLynxx software improves efficiency that results in jaw dropping ROI. When you empower members of your team with features of our software they will they be able to efficiently and transparently coordinate and control your marketing supply chain. eLynxx software is rights and roles specific and can be precisely tailored to support or build upon your processes.

Extends Capabilities

eLynxx software expands your marketing supply chain infrastructure to provide automation of the communication, transactional and milestone details of project management. This process is complex and different than general the procedures used for off-the-shelf procurement. eLynxx software is purpose-built for the complexities of managing your marketing supply chain.

Empowers Objectivity

Unlike invasive third parties, eLynxx software strengthens the links between your marketing team and the vendors they trust, while uncovering cost savings that will strengthen your bottom line. When you give members of your team the means to objectively manage their vendors, your organization will benefit from the capabilities and capacities of its vendors like never before.

Finds Hidden Opportunities

eLynxx software reveals hidden and overlooked costs that can be transformed into beneficial opportunities. This is accomplished through transparency, coupled with powerful reporting capabilities, that provides deep analytical insight. With this newfound insight, you are capable of making management decisions that can result in cost savings and efficiencies that impact ROI.

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