Financial Oversight

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The total cost of direct mail, marketing, packaging and brand-related spend can be 10% or more of top line revenues. eLynxx software brings this critical area into clear focus.

Control and Compliance

eLynxx software provides a dashboard to monitor marketing supply chain activity. An indelible audit trail coupled with extensive reporting capabilities ensures adherence to your financial policies and directives.

Transparency and Oversight

eLynxx software provides transparency, reporting and financial control to yield oversight into the complex web of marketing supply chain spend. It drives increases in efficiency of up to 53% and cost savings of up to 40%.

Coordination and Cooperation

eLynxx software strengthens financial control without constraining marketing capabilities and operations or diminishing the impact of projects. It facilitates the approval of budgets, contracts and the oversight of spend.

Centralized Policy Making

eLynxx software supports centralized policy making in a decentralized environment to allow local control of projects with pyramidal approval, reporting and oversight. eLynxx software also supports sharing of information among disparate operating units.

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