Sectors Served

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eLynxx Solutions has experience working to strengthen marketing supply chains within numerous sectors. Organizations that depend on marketing and branding communication benefit from eLynxx software.


Custom marketing materials, publications and complex direct mail programs are crucial to communication, awareness, fund raising and development efforts. The full control and substantial per unit cost reduction eLynxx software provides increases reach without increasing resources. eLynxx software positions non-profits to offset the impact of rising postage, production and distribution costs that threaten historically high performing programs. You will increase not only return on your marketing investment, but also your capability to test and launch new campaigns.


Membership recruitment and retention, conferences and events, continuing education, community outreach, content distribution and sales of third party programs are vital association operations. By reducing the per unit cost of marketing, direct mail and graphic communication materials that drive these initiatives, eLynxx software helps you achieve your goals more efficiently. We empower streamlined collaboration without sacrificing departmental autonomy, vendor partnerships or organizational processes. You will free dollars and resources to make programs more effective.


Responsibility for brand development generally belongs to marketing. Its implementation is often fragmented across departments and projects making brand consistency difficult to control. Corporate expenditures on marketing material, direct mail, packaging and other graphic communications can be 10% or more of top-line revenues. eLynxx software offers an opportunity to improve coordination and project management, efficiency, cost reduction and impact. CFOs and CMOs count on eLynxx software to improve operational efficiency, budgets and brand management.

Higher Education

Environments where freedom and independent thinking are prized, yet consistency and policy compliance are required, present unique marketing supply chain challenges. eLynxx software enables departments as diverse as admissions, alumni, administration, recruitment, academics, athletics and foundations to leverage an institution wide marketing supply chain without sacrificing departmental autonomy. Knowing that quality standards for recruitment materials, marketing, direct mail, catalogs, programs and signage are ensured while departments stay in control.

Marketing Consultants

A highly competitive marketplace requires delivering a high return on investment for clients. eLynxx software ensures that vendors in your marketing supply chain deliver client projects on-spec, on-schedule and on-budget. eLynxx software puts critical information at your fingertips so you can instantly report status to your clients. It helps you manage and advance vendor relationships to ensure stability, flexibility and access to the latest innovations.

Public Sector Entities

Taking advantage of opportunities for efficient coordination, project management and savings is a necessity. No matter how widespread or tightly controlled your current communications and sourcing activities, elynxx software can enable you to implement consistent policies while following your guidelines, rules, regulations and legal requirements. eLynxx software can be sole sourced based on its patented procurement method.

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