Exclusive Sourcing Option

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All traditional pricing alternatives can be managed through eLynxx software. In addition we developed a competitive sourcing method for custom goods and services. A license for this powerful sourcing method is part of the eLynxx software subscription.

The Difference

Printed marketing communications are not pre-stocked or ordered from a catalog. Specifications are needed to identify capable vendors and to determine pricing. Unlike inventoried items, vendors will not produce projects until they receive specifications. Our founder, Bill Gindlesperger, has been awarded five U.S. patents for inventing the only competitive sourcing method that embraces these differences.

What It Is

Our competitive sourcing method is an automated procedure for selecting vendors when sourcing custom goods and services, like those procured through your marketing supply chain. As a result buyers are assured of receiving what they ordered, deadlines and quality levels are met, vendors gain opportunity to turn downtime into revenue and per unit cost savings of up to 40% are achieved.

How It Works

Our competitive sourcing method makes a match between the capabilities of your own trusted vendors and each project’s unique specifications. Your vendors with capabilities matching the specifications are invited to price the project. With specifications and deadlines in hand, vendors are encouraged to price competitively against equally qualified peers and according to their available production capacity. All actions occur confidentially.

Why It Works

Like airlines and hotels, printers operate with high fixed costs, yet fail to sell up to 40% of capacity. They are motivated to discount prices, provided they do not set precedents. Our method allows you to benefit from low “contribution pricing” which fills capacity and boosts vendor profit. Your vendors compete knowing that quality and timeliness must be met, competition is equally qualified, no precedent is set and pricing can be based on need to fill downtime.

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