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eLynxx cloud software works to control costs through the automation of the smallest details right down to bulletproof change order management. The feature list is continually updated so that the software remains current and robust.


  • Gather specifications, art, copy, targeting data and mailing lists from all internal and external resources
  • Automatically ensure legal, financial, creative and marketing approvals are accounted for and routed
  • Provide access and functionality based on each user’s role and needs
  • Create strong, highly detailed specifications with guidance and ease
  • Reuse, update, and reference common and previously used specifications
  • Capture, transfer, store and recall specifications, branding, designs and digital assets in internal and cloud-based digital libraries
  • Establish pricing without setting a precedent with vendors
  • Create budgets based on known specifications


  • Create vendor pool based on your own parameters
  • Identify vendors automatically based on specs and proven capabilities
  • Contract directly with chosen vendor
  • Send RFPs, specs and related documentation to your vendors
  • Compile and distribute prices and related information to decision makers
  • Route notifications for approval and disclosure
  • Distribute terms and conditions, NDAs, MSAs, brand and other requirements
  • Fulfill diversity, environmental and certification initiatives
  • Maintain vendor information, historical pricing and other attributes


  • View status of all projects, tasks and decisions in a central dashboard
  • Receive automatic notification when a task or decision is required
  • Store, access, utilize and share digital assets for project files
  • Ensure vendors maintain qualifications and users take proper actions to keep project moving
  • Control and reduce change orders
  • Track project changes through redlined text
  • Access correspondence, actions or files from the history of any project
  • Annotate correspondence and actions for future reference


  • Capture details of project transactions
  • Archive details for historical reference
  • Track the cost of each project as it progresses
  • Record and access compliance with diversity, environmental and business status initiatives
  • Create custom reports based on any project, vendor, user and business data captured
  • Audit final results against specifications, actions and correspondence

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