Cloud Software

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With eLynxx cloud software there is nothing to install, upgrades are included, backup and security are managed and our data center has 99.99% uptime. Our software automates your processes.It provides transparent communication and complete reporting.

End-To-End Collaboration

Whether you have an in-house creative department, external resources, or both, eLynxx software provides a formal means for collaboration among the people who create your marketing and communication materials and those who approve, produce, distribute, implement and pay for the project.

Spec and Asset Management

eLynxx software ensures consistency between creative vision and final output. We provide intuitive tools for sharing and delivery of creative and brand assets. Templates, wizards and archives make writing perfect specifications simple. Workflow automation puts specifications in the right hands at the right time.

Clear Budgeting and Scheduling

Because eLynxx software clearly delineates between budgeting, estimating and final pricing, establishing accurate financial numbers is simplified. Our software automates schedule building, establishes proofing workflows and outlines delivery and distribution requirements across multiple vendors and distribution points.

Better Control Over Any Method

Whether you source marketing projects through competitive pricing, negotiation or direct contract, eLynxx software turns time-consuming, hassle-filled sourcing tasks into a precise, convenient and efficient operation. You will obtain the quality you demand, in the time you require and at the low price you seek.

Connect Specs to Capability

By objectively qualifying your vendors and establishing project specifications, you set the groundwork for vendor identification. When using our optional competitive method, eLynxx software will automatically identify which of your vendors’ capabilities and qualifications match your specifications. Even if you use negotiation or contract sourcing eLynxx software streamlines the process.

Hassle-Free Requests for Pricing

eLynxx software automatically routes uniform requests for pricing to your qualified vendors. Responses are securely routed back and documented. Authorized personnel may execute the purchase order with a single click, or pricing information can be automatically routed through your approval process eliminating fragmented back and forth communication.

Built-In Policy Administration

You can rest assured that every project managed through eLynxx software will be in full compliance with your organizational policies, rules, regulations, terms and conditions. From forms and notices of non-objective requirements, to certification and business status initiatives, compliance is ensured. Plus, those with the authority can override automated attributes as needed.

Worry-Free Project Management

eLynxx software offers you the advantage of knowing that every step, task, decision and dependency of each and every project has been scheduled, recorded, communicated and reported. Progress is monitored against scheduled milestones. Team members are prompted when action is required. Specifications, creative and brand assets are routed automatically.

Clear Change Order Management

eLynxx software creates an environment where costly change orders are rare. Transparent, documented specifications and communications, along with automatically prompted action items, eliminate the potential for misunderstandings and schedule delays.

Across the Board Accountability

eLynxx software coordinates and records participation of team members including marketing, legal, finance, procurement, production, agencies and distribution houses. A record of each project is available for analysis, reporting and use on future orders.

Comprehensive Data Access

eLynxx software provides controlled access to operational, qualitative and fiscal data associated with creative, procurement, personnel, production and payment activities. Vendor activities and performance are captured and reported against your standards.

Easy Financial Compliance

eLynxx software measures and monitors financial activity and compliance with your fiscal terms while keeping your team members informed and connected. Our software can be integrated with ERP, procurement, finance, accounting and accounts payable software.

A Complete Audit Trail

Transparent, efficient communication and capture of information in each project turns your marketing supply chain into an auditable process. You will never have to search details and information in files or email again. It is all easily accessible and safe in the cloud.

Robust Reporting

eLynxx software includes standard reports that are instantly available for download, review and analysis. Our robust software allows you to create custom reports for just about anything. All reports can be shared with your team.

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