What eLynxx Is

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eLynxx cloud software is used for sourcing and managing of direct mail, marketing, publications, in-store signage, point of purchase, campaigns, labels, packaging and all other print. It is purpose-built to automate, coordinate and strengthen your marketing supply chain.

Breakthrough Software

eLynxx software is the alternative to manually handling the complex process of sourcing and managing print or giving up control to a third party. You gain better results through greater efficiencies, improved control and full transparency. With eLynxx cloud software there is no worry about back-ups, maintenance or IT infrastructure.

Exclusive Competitive Method

The eLynxx Solutions optional sourcing method is different than bid-and-buy techniques used for off-the-shelf procurement. This U.S. multi-patented technology enhances capabilities and complements ERPs and general procurement systems while producing savings of up to 40% on per unit costs.

Effective Sourcing

eLynxx software works to reduce per-unit cost by up to 40%, expand marketing coverage without increasing spend, enhance efficiencies by up to 53% and gain control with your own people, processes and vendors. We do not act as a middleman and never receive compensation from any vendor.

Smoother and Easier Management

eLynxx software automates workflow, communication, approvals and reporting while reducing reliance on spreadsheets, emails, phone calls and disruptive meetings. It performs even in decentralized and autonomous environments allowing for centralized reporting, control and policy administration.

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