Improves Cost Savings

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eLynxx software helps you get the most out of your budget to increase reach and impact without sacrificing quality, timeliness or the trust you place in your vendors.

Eliminates Middleman Costs

Brokers and business process outsourcers (BPO) serve as sales agents, or middlemen, between vendors they represent and the end buyer. They tack on a fee, although the amount is usually hidden, that buyers pay for services. Plus, middlemen charge vendors up to five levels of percentage fees, or about 49%, including commissions (10%), prompt pay discounts (2%), invoice discounts (7%), volume discounts (15%) and rebates (15%), adding significant hidden cost.

Brings Middleman Secrets to Light

Middlemen give orders to vendors with whom they have a relationship and with whom they extract an agreement that keeps the real price a secret. Vendors are not responsible to buyers, and buyers often do not know who is really producing their projects. This separation keeps buyers in the dark, so that they do not discover the real cost of services and materials. Middlemen own the relationships and control the cost, quality and schedule.

Supports Sourcing Alternatives

Proven to achieve up to 40% per unit cost savings, our exclusive sourcing method is the only method designed for the marketing supply chain. Whether you choose to use our exclusive sourcing method or not, eLynxx software works with all sourcing methods to build collaboration, reduce complexity and enable control.

Increases Marketing ROI

eLynxx software offers you the greatest impact for your marketing budget. By reducing per-unit costs of your marketing materials, you can gain greater market coverage or you can reinvest the savings in other initiatives. Only eLynxx software produces up to 40% cost savings, up to 53% efficiency and maximizes ROI.

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