Extends Control

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eLynxx software extends your control over the marketing supply chain. Unlike brokers, business process outsourcers or general procurement modules, our software stops the shoehorning of marketing procurement and the need for third party outsourcing.

The Best Tool

eLynxx software manages the complexities of brand marketing, custom specified manufacturing and the marketing supply chain. Our software offers you control over communication, vendor management, specification writing, sourcing, production monitoring, reporting and more.

The Wise Choice

It is best to rely on your people, your judgment, processes that fit the way you do business and vendors you trust. eLynxx software offers powerful tools to expedite decision making, ensure consistent flow of information, simplify specification writing, manage brand assets and establish adherence to your quality standards.

Your Solid Foundation

eLynxx software is tailored to your unique needs, workflows, policies and operational structure. We extend capabilities within your existing framework. You will gain effortless communication among team members, automated task and decision management, transparency, reporting and near instant access to information.

The Captain’s Chair

eLynxx software extends the capabilities of your organization with technology to collaborate, simplify and control your marketing supply chain instead of replacing or taking it over. We put you in the captain’s chair ensuring compliance with the standards and policies of your organization.

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