Enables Collaboration

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eLynxx software enables collaboration by connecting team members, coordinating workflows, automating decision management and facilitating knowledge sharing across your marketing supply chain. eLynxx software mitigates the need for third parties to manage your projects and empowers your people to gain control over direct mail, marketing, packaging and print spend.

Bring Everyone Together

Your team is responsible for a myriad of tasks, an endless flow of information and a multitude of deadlines. One missed step can force a project off schedule and lead to expensive change orders. eLynxx software unifies communication connecting team members.

Get Information in the Right Hands

Specifications, creative files, brand assets and distribution data must be in the right place with the right person at the right time. eLynxx software facilitates the proper flow of information while providing a window into progress, action and decision making.

Choose the Software that Fits

eLynxx software provides a truly custom means to facilitate the level of efficient, transparent communication that is necessary to meet quality, timeliness and compliance standards.

Connect for a Stronger Process

Automated decision and task scheduling eliminate weak links in your marketing supply chain. Information flows with ease, from creative to delivery with team members coordinated and connected.

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