Embraces Complexity

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The marketing supply chain can be a chaotic environment. Every team member, document, task, communication and the dependencies among them all have a purpose and place in marketing material projects. Only eLynxx software embraces the necessary complexities of your marketing supply chain to keep you in control while reducing headaches.

Powerful Tools

We are not out to change your process. We understand that your organization is invested in the way it does business. Our powerful tools empower you your organization for stronger decision making, greater efficiency, more effectiveness and savings in the marketing supply chain – all within your organizational framework.

The Right Tools for the Job

You can manage your marketing supply chain without spreadsheets, calls, emails, files, notes and disruptive meetings. eLynxx Solutions provides you with software tools built for central policy making, administration and reporting while supporting collaboration, decision making, team communication and task management.

Automated and Connected

When staff members are sick or absent, a file is misplaced or an email goes unread, you are forced to redo work and duplicate effort. With eLynxx software business continues without interruption. Because all team members are connected, tasks are easily re-routed to designated team members.

Streamlined Information Flow

eLynxx software is tailored to the process flow of your organization. Users are assigned rights based on your structure and chain of command. Each member of your marketing supply chain has the right tools and information to handle responsibilities with precision, efficiency and effectiveness.

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