What eLynxx Does

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eLynxx cloud software is easy to use, versatile and tailored to your specific requirements. It builds a collaborative environment and eliminates pain points. It places you in control and provides transparency into a complex web that is not visible when using a broker or outsourcer.

Enables Collaboration

eLynxx enables effective collaboration by connecting team members, coordinating workflows, automating the decision hierarchy and facilitating the sharing of knowledge and assets across your entire marketing supply chain.

Transforms Complexity

eLynxx allows you to meet challenges head-on. It transforms manual steps into an automated process, providing seamless project management, and anytime, anywhere access to critical information.

Improves Control

eLynxx makes it possible to establish, monitor and maintain control without reducing departmental autonomy. It captures and reports fiscal, operational and compliance activities, providing transparency and reporting.

Reduces Cost

eLynxx increases efficiency by up to 53% and exposes areas where hidden costs fester. Our exclusive competitive method provides up to a 40% per unit cost savings in a way that is beneficial to both you and your vendors.

Click or Call 888-876-5432