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What Do Golf and Print Buying Have in Common? It’s Not Funny Plaid Pants!

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I started playing golf at the age of 8 when my uncle gave me a set of junior clubs that my cousins had outgrown. They were right handed clubs which presented my first of many challenges to come with this game. You see, I was left handed. But I was determined to play with my older cousins so I learned to swing from the opposite side of the ball with those four old clubs.

Not everyone had to go to the extreme of learning to play from the opposite side but in those days but we did all share one challenge when it came to golf equipment. Our choice of club manufacturers then was quite limited but the bigger challenge was that regardless of one’s height, strength, or swing characteristics, most everyone was forced to play with the same clubs – clubs designed to fit the average player’s characteristics were sold off the shelf in the sporting goods section of your local department stores. Since no one is exactly average, that meant that we all had to compensate for the differences between our one-of-a-kind swing and the general purpose equipment that was available.

Today golfers of all skill levels have more equipment choices than ever. Between manufacturer, head design, lie and loft angle, shaft type and length, and grip options, there are literally thousands of combinations available to players. And thanks to modern club fitting technology, golfers have the ability to get custom clubs that are purpose built to fit their needs and swing characteristics. This allows golfers to get better results using their own unique swing rather than compensating their swing to accommodate Ill-fitted equipment. It’s truly revolutionized the game for amateurs and pros alike.

When it comes to buying custom printed marketing materials, the scenario that organizations face is a lot like my introduction to golf. They’re forced to use general purpose procurement tools that were designed to fit any organization’s average procurement needs, namely applying to buying inventoried, off the shelf goods rather than custom printed materials. And just as I had to make manual adjustments – first learning to swing right handed and later having to play with one size fits all clubs, these organizations have to compensate for the shortcomings of general purpose tools. This usually means developing a collection of spreadsheets to manage project specifications and schedules, and loosely tying all the stakeholders together with a maze of emails and phone calls.

If only there were purpose-built software made for print buying that could be custom fit to meet each organization’s unique characteristics and needs.

Well, fortunately for print buyers, there is. eLynxx software is purpose-built to deal with all the complexities associated with print buying. Our software enables collaboration across all your stakeholders on one platform. And just like custom fit golf clubs, eLynxx software is configured to specifically fit your organization’s unique characteristics and combination of people, process and vendors.

Stop compensating for the ill-fit of your print buying tools with spreadsheets and email. Whether you’re a print buying pro or amateur, you’ll benefit from eLynxx software. Give us a call to find out more about how purpose-built, custom configured eLynxx software can help you get better results and lower your print buying handicap.