Diversity and Environment

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eLynxx software helps you fulfill diversity initiatives by facilitating diversity and equal opportunity among the vendors you have chosen in your marketing supply chain. Our software also makes it easy to ensure that your projects meet standards for environmental responsibility.

Essential Initiatives

Did you know that you could be giving up tax incentives by using a broker or third-party outsourcer? For many of our clients, vendor diversity is becoming a requirement for success – especially when diverse vendors can compete dollar for dollar. eLynxx software enables you to achieve vendor diversity, comply with environmental initiatives, access innovation and mitigate risk.

Diversity Benefits

eLynxx Solutions recognizes and champions the importance of diversity. Through your inclusion of qualified woman, minority, veteran owned and historically underused businesses in your vendor base, you qualify for any tax credits and incentives. eLynxx software makes it easy for you to include and work with diverse vendors. You won’t get that from a broker or third-party outsourcer.

Green Responsibility

Environmental responsibility is another area that has become a major focus of both organizations and their target markets. Whether formal practice or out of consciousness, ecologically sustainable practices make fiscal and environmental sense. eLynxx software makes it easy to include in your specifications the requisites for Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification and environmentally friendly paper, substrates, raw materials, inks, adhesives, coatings, production processes and more.

Risk Reduction

We live in an era of mergers, acquisitions, labor disputes, plant closures and sudden technological advancement. Mitigating the risk of vendor attrition and accessing innovation are a necessity. eLynxx Solutions empowers your organization to accomplish both at once. We can help you identify additional capabilities and talents within your vendor base and, if necessary, we can help you connect with, interview, qualify and select complementary vendors based on your own criteria and needs.

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