Best Practices

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Choosing eLynxx Solutions quality assurance provides an evaluation of vendor quality, performance and capability. With your trusted vendors objectively qualified, you can make decisions based on fact, not speculation, and know that your standards will be met.

Empower Your People

By choosing eLynxx software you empower your people, instead of handing control over to a broker or business process outsourcer. You maintain control over the quality of your marketing materials and the service you receive from your vendors. You achieve  transparency and gain access to real time reporting. Importantly, you save money through efficiency and reduction in per-unit costs.

Strengthen Your Process

A sensible alternative to a broker or business process outsourcer is to strengthen those already responsible for coordinating, acquiring, managing and analyzing your marketing supply chain. eLynxx Solutions furnishes the software tools to enable flawless collaboration, meet complexity head-on, remain in solid control and wipe out hidden costs.

Work with Your Vendors

Why would you give up the vendors you know and trust to produce marketing materials? When control is turned over to brokers and business process outsourcers, someone stands between you and your vendors. You are out of direct contact with the people who are producing your projects. You never know what the actual cost is, because that is how third parties boost their margins. eLynxx software builds on the assurance of the proven capabilities of your vendors, so that you are never left in the lurch or faced with excuses for inferior quality or botched service.

Build on eLynxx Software

eLynxx software is the only software purpose built for strengthening the way you organize, acquire, manage and analyze print. This includes direct mail, marketing materials, financial printing, books, publications, newsletters, digital media, in-store signage, point of purchase displays, labels and decals, packaging and all things print. eLynxx software offers the only technology designed to empower your people to strengthen your process while working with your own vendors without disruption. eLynxx software exists helps you do what you do with better results.

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