Strengthens Your Process

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We built eLynxx software to fit a need and do a specific job in a way that is comfortable to you and your people. eLynxx software strengthens your process. It never replaces it.

Works the Way You Do

eLynxx Solutions takes the time to map your organization, its structure, workflow, requirements and goals. We configure our software to fit your needs and strengthen your process with more efficiency and impact than ever.

Eliminates Frustration

eLynxx software eliminates frustration in favor of coordination, control and efficiency. Spreadsheets are great for finance and accounting, but they leave a lot to be desired for managing the marketing supply chain.

Facilitates Administration

eLynxx software facilitates workflow, approvals, reporting, communication, asset management, policy administration, coordination of your process from creative to invoice handling. Administration of all details in your process is transparent.

Maintains Your Control

Because eLynxx software extends the capabilities of your people, control stays where it belongs – in your organization. eLynxx software puts you at the helm with more insight and ability to ensure compliance with the standards and policies of your organization.

Click or Call 888-876-5432