Better Results

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eLynxx software makes the impossible possible. You will achieve the best of all three – quality, service and price – and you will do it more efficiently than ever before.

Achieves Superior Efficiency

eLynxx software connects every person who plays a role in your marketing supply chain. Collaborating in one place, on one platform, your people have access to purpose-built tools that streamline and simplify management of specifications, brand assets, budgets, vendors, requests for pricing, scheduling, tracking and reporting. Tailored to the rights and roles you assign each user, your people will get more done, with less energy and without hassle.

Achieves Best Quality

eLynxx software enables you to achieve the best possible quality by objectively qualifying the capabilities of your vendors, writing precision specifications and monitoring the performance of your vendors. Our exclusive sourcing method automatically compares vendor capabilities to specifications and the quality level of your project. With quality vendors selected you can base your buying decision on service and price.

Achieves Best Service

eLynxx software ensures that you receive the best, most timely service possible from any vendor qualified for your project. It turns your specifications into a well defined request for pricing and transmits your RFP and specifications, along with service and schedule requirements, to just those vendors qualified for your project. Vendor replies identify which vendors are capable of producing your project within your established schedule.

Achieves Best Price

When you use eLynxx software along with our exclusive competitive sourcing method, you will achieve the best quality, service and price. The pool of qualified vendors selected for the project assures your quality standards will be met. The replies to your request for pricing establish which vendors from the pool can meet your service and schedule objectives. If you choose the vendor with the lowest price, you will have achieved the best quality, service and price.

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