Entering Specifications

Once you create and enter the initial information about the job, you will then be able to enter job specifications.

Adding Print Items

To add a print item to a job, click on the item in the drop down list and click Continue.

Adding Items 01

Any item in bold with an asterisk is required.

Adding Items 02

Clicking the information dot will open a new window with instructions relating to the item.

Adding Items 03

Clicking on the yellow gear will pop up a new window to assist in completing the field with all applicable information. Click Save to transfer the information into the field.

Adding Items 04

Once all information in the print item has been entered, click Save to continue to the next section, next item, or next specification.

Adding Items 05 

Multi Section Print Items

Books and Forms are items that may contain specifications for each section. A book typically has a cover with different specifications than the text section. A form may have different paper for each layer.

Once the basic information is saved, any additional sections can be added by clicking Add a Section next to the print item.

Multi Items 01

Add as many sections as needed for the project, ensuring required fields are filled in.

Multi Items 02 

Adding Furnished Materials

Furnished materials are any items provided by the buyer that assist in the production of the finished job. These materials can range from digital files or artwork, to previous samples, or paper required. Multiple furnished items may be included.

Click the +Furnished Material button.

Furnished Materials 01

Select the type from the drop down box and click Continue.

Furnished Materials 02

Fill out the fields with as much information as possible. If the files should be available during the bidding process, ensure Files available with requests for Estimates/Solicitations so that the bidding vendors may see the art file or other furnished material. Click Save to move to the next step.

Furnished Materials 03

If the furnished material will be provided as an electronic file attachment, the next screen will allow for the file to be uploaded. Click Add File, Select the appropriate file, and click Open.

Furnished Materials 04

Click Start Upload to add them to the job. If the file or files are not ready to be uploaded, click Add Files Later. Repeat this step until all files are selected to be uploaded.

Furnished Materials 05

Once all files have been uploaded, click File Uploading Complete.

Furnished Materials 06

Once completed, the Specification Editor will display again. Either move to the next section, add new, or edit existing specifications. 

Requesting Proofs

While proofs are not required to submit a job, it is highly recommended to include this step to ensure the level of quality requested is being produced.

Click the +Proof button to start entering required information.

Proof 01

Specify the description, type of proof, quantity and delivery schedule, and then click Save.

Proof 02

You may now either move to the next section, add new, or edit existing specifications. 

Delivery Information

With all specifications defined, it is now time to define the delivery and/or mailing of the job. Click the +Delivery/Mailing button to start entering shipping and delivery information.

Delivery 01

Enter the quantity of items that need to be shipped, the address to ship to, and any special instructions, then click save.

FOB Destination should be used when the vendor should be including shipping in their bid price.
FOB Vendor City should be used when the vendor will be billing shipping at the time of invoicing.
N/A Should only be used during a Direct Mail Drop.

Delivery 02

To add a mailing to the job, click on the +Delivery/Mailing button again, and this time specify the quantity of mailed items. Select Mailing from the drop down list to remove unnecessary fields from this part of the specification.

Delivery 03

Enter the mailing description and any instructions, then click Save.

Delivery 04

Adding Milestones

Milestones are custom tasks that can be included and specifically assigned to other registered users in your organization, or assigned to the winning Vendor. Examples of these tasks would be a Press Sheet Inspection, receiving approval from Legal, or other follow ups that may need to occur.

Click the +Milestone button.

Milestone 01

Enter all information describing the milestone to be completed, as well as any comments to further define what should be done, and click Save.

Milestone 02

Multiple milestones can be added to the specifications, and will be added to the final schedule for the job.

Reviewing Specifications

The last step before creating a solicitation is to ensure all of the specifications for the job have been entered and are correct.

Review the specifications for each section by clicking on any of the blue arrows next to the description.

Review 01

If adjustments need to be made to the specification, click the dropdown arrow and chose from the list of actions.

Review 02


If the specifications need further review, or need to be sent to another team member to create the solicitation, select Forward Project. If all of the specifications are correct and you are ready to create the solicitation, set the delivery schedule, and issue to vendors, select Create Solicitation.

Review 03 

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