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eLynxx software is built for acquiring the print, marketing, direct mail and promotions you depend on with the quality, service and price you demand. No matter what your organization does, or the size of your team, our enterprise-ready tools combine with the eLynxx methodology to facilitate an average savings of 20% to 40%.
Customize • Order • Fulfill
Marketing, Sales and Brand ID Essentials
Easy as Shopping Online

Competitive pricing from rate cards, contracts or quotes

Adaptable products, options, designs and customization rules

Organization-wide access with vendor, quality, spending, activity and brand control

Control • Plan • Analyze
Process-Driven Print and Direct Mail
from Specification to Production and Beyond

Embraces the complexity and requirements of print and direct mail projects

Enables collaboration among diverse roles and responsibilities

Provides control over, and insight into, projects of any size, scale or value

Print Buyer’s Suite

PrintGizmo and PrintLynxx together as an unstoppable print buying force.

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